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Low temperature measurements on structured graphene

(with F. Molitor, J. GŁttinger, D. Graf, T. Ihn and K. Ensslin)

Graphene is a promising material to investigate mesoscopic phenomena in two-dimensions (2d). Unique electronic properties, such as massless carriers, strong electron-hole symmetry near the charge neutrality point, and weak spin-orbit coupling makes graphene interesting for high mobility electronics, for tracing quantum electrodynamics in 2d solids, and for the realization of spin-qubits, which might be a promising building block for solid-state qunatum computation.

We investigate nanostructured graphene devices in terms of low temperature transport experiments. Among quantum hall measurements on a side gated graphene hall bar, where the half integer hall effect has been reproduced, we currently investigate graphene single electron transistors. For example, we report on Coulomb blockade and Coulomb diamond measurements on an etched graphene quantum dot tunable by graphene side gates.

FIGURE - Scanning force micrograph (SFM) of an etched graphene singel electron transistor with minimum feature size of approx. 50nm; Coulomb diamond measurements on this device; corresponding Coulomb peaks and SFM image of the final device. Image are adapted from Ref. [2].

[1] Local gating of a graphene Hall bar by graphene side gates;
F. Molitor, J. Güttinger, C. Stampfer, D. Graf, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, arXiv:0709.2970v1, (2007).

[2] Tunable Coulomb blockade in nanostructured graphene;
C. Stampfer, J. Güttinger, F. Molitor, D. Graf, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, arXiv:0709.3799, (2007).

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